Life Update #2

So . . . I have failed.

I missed two weeks of posting in a row, and this post hardly counts. But I really needed the break, and I will be able to manage my posting schedule better from now on. Starting with a proper article/story this Saturday that I truly intend to happen. Note the key word: intend.

I spent most of the last week in Chicago and discovered that there are . . . well, a lot of people in a major city. And I thought I was people-phobic before. (I have also developed a severe dislike of airports.) Fortunately, Chicago was enjoyable anyway.

This week I’m stuck in a summer camp that is drilling holes in my happy normal schedule. Next month, school starts again and my life will go from crazy to hopelessly crazy. I am not looking forward to that much, mostly because I found an amazing author who’s written so many books that it’s going to take me a long time to get through them all and school will just lengthen the operation. However, stopping before I’ve finished is not an option. You will probably be seeing some book reviews if you stick around long enough. (I already wrote about one of these books in Lessons from Elantris.)

To conclude, I’m going to admit that my motivation for writing is far from high right now, which partially accounts for my posting consistency relapse. Some negative feedback on my novel project discouraged me and I’m back to scratching out pathetic journal entries about how bad I am at writing instead of writing what I’m bad at. However, I want to stick with it for at least a little while longer. I guess I’ll have to see what happens.


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