Why Low Blog Stats are Good for Me


I began writing on this blog around four months ago with a vague idea of creating a “platform.” A platform, apparently, is something that writers are supposed to have. So I started one.

I’m still not really sure what I’m doing, but I’ve had fun. I’m still having fun, and now is when I’m asking myself what I really expected when I first created a Wordpress account and debated about which theme to pick and hit that scary publish button.

Was I anticipating hundreds of followers? Daily comments? Off-the-chart views? To be honest . . . maybe, just a little bit. Maybe I did expect all those things, and yes, maybe I’m just a little disappointed.

But that’s not all there is to the story.

Thinking about it recently, I realized that in reality, those low stats are helping me . . .

Because they’re directing my focus to what’s really important. And that isn’t followers – it’s writing. Writing is the first and foremost reason that I started this blog. The fact that I love writing is the reason I’m still writing. If blogging were all about stats to me, I would’ve given up within weeks after I started. Fortunately, it isn’t.

So I’m still plodding away at the job I picked, even when I feel like slamming the computer shut and walking away. Many days, I don’t feel like posting. Most days, I do it anyway. Sure, I’m still working on consistency, but the point is that I’m still working. With popularity off somewhere on the possibly-never-nearing horizon, I remember that my ultimate motivation shouldn’t come from this kind of success – and that reminder is so encouraging.

I wanted to share it, for all the other people who have trouble seeing past today into tomorrow, for all the other people who feel like today is worth nothing.

Remember why you began at all.



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