In Which I Make An Addition To My Bragging Rights

So yes, I know that it’s not Saturday. And yes, I am going to write an official post on Saturday. But I’m so excited that I have to do an extra one today . . . just bear with me.

I have finally finished the first draft of my first novel.

I’ve started countless novels, hoping to maybe finish them someday and then leaving them behind in the dirt because I just can’t think of the next thing to write. (I am not calling this writer’s block. I am calling this “bad ideas.”) Pitifully, my longest attempt never got beyond about thirty pages. Until now.

I started the project back at the beginning of February, figuring that I’d end up stopping like I always have before. Miraculously, this didn’t happen. Since that first day in February, I have added to my novel every single day. I didn’t miss one, though mostly because I liked my perfect streak too much to destroy it. And my doubtful persistence has actually paid off.

Of course, this novel is currently far from perfect. (That’s why it’s called a draft.) But there’s also such a thing as editing, and I’m hoping that by dint of persistent revision and lots of criticism, I can improve it to the point where I will no longer be embarrassed to show people. Because I am going to be doing so much editing, any readers of this blog will be bombarded with posts about it. I hope this prospect doesn’t seem too discouraging. And finally, because I have only just decided on a title and it’s not necessarily permanent, I am not going to mention it here. Maybe another time.




4 thoughts on “In Which I Make An Addition To My Bragging Rights

  1. Woo hoo! Congrats to you girl! I can’t believe you’ve finished the first draft of your novel so quickly! Lol I’m still working on the same one I started 2 years ago…. I still have so much to add.
    I’m so proud that you have persevered to work on yours! I hope you’ll let me read it someday.

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